The 2017 season for the Houston Astros was probably the best season for them. They have been playing in the MLB for about 54 seasons now, and while they have always been a fun team to watch, they have never really achieved great things or considered a giant among the league in all honesty. They are one of the small teams that are considered either underdogs, or those considered to be among the bottom percent. They absolutely destroyed their AL West division competition, ensuring that they would then go onto the ALDS. They had beat the Red Sox in four games, which is considered almost an upset at the time. They then went onto the ALCS and had defeated the Yankees afterward. While the Yankees aren’t the same team they used to be, this is still an amazing feat for a team as small as the Astros are. This was also only their second league championship in the history of the franchise.

What is the most important however, is the world series title. They had beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3, making them the 2017 World Series champions and this has been the only time within their history to ever win the title. The regular season was set with records for them, including the highest batting average, on-base percentage and even slugging percentage. Their second basemen Altuve even won the AL MVP and SI sportsperson of the year. These are huge honours for the Astro, since only Jeff Bagwell in 1994 had won the AL MVP as a player for the Astros. While none of this sounds like a big deal to most fans of other franchise teams, this is a huge deal to the Astros because this may be the peak of the Astros franchise, and the best they will ever see. So we should enjoy it while it lasts.

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