Baseball and Builders

Baseball and building is a weird combination when you think of the United Kingdom. It’s understandable to be a baseball fan if you are a builder in America, but when you are a builder in the United Kingdom you are expected to be a fan of many different sports, including rugby or football. In fact, if you are a builder in the United Kingdom, then you would be accepted as being a fan of American Football. But baseball in England is seen as a bit of a fake sport that you shouldn’t consider a real sport. If there is no contact involved, then in England it isn’t considered a sport at all.

However, some of us that are fans of the sport on the site always talk about it and I feel like we enjoy the sport more than they enjoy football or rugby. Usually they have things to moan about, or they always have something that they hate. But when we sit around, and we talk about baseball we always seem to talk positively. We always talk about the sport and we always have something good to say both about the players of the teams we support, and the players of other teams.

I also really like my job. I know that this blog is about baseball and not about building, but plenty of the carpenter London city has tend to like other sports. But we can all agree that being on the site is just as much fun as watching any sport. We have a great laugh and to be honest I like the amount that we get to use our hands. We are constantly about and most of the time we feel stronger for all the heavy lifting, which is nice strangely enough. Many people hate that type of work, but I guess that is why so many of us tend to drift towards this job.

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